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Honoring My Fathers on Father's Day

In Honor of #FathersDay

Today, I reflect on the men in my life, particularly the fathers in my family. I want to take a moment to share a few life lessons I have learned from them.
DAD xoxoWhen I remember my Dad, I remember how much he loved life. It has taken me a long time to learn this lesson. He always said to “work hard and play hard”. I got that whole work hard thing down early. Now I’m finally learning how to rest, play, and enjoy the life I have created. Dad taught me that life is about balance. Too much of anything (even something good) is detrimental. Thanks, Dad. Rest in Play.
Bro Since our father’s early departure from this world (and even before), my brother has been a father figure to me. Dad always put him in charge of my protection. So, I never wanted to make him upset or disappointment him. He has taught me the loving power of being patient with people. He is by far the most patient human being I have ever met. He suffers long. (This trait is even more valuable because…

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