Sunday, March 24, 2013

Biography of Eunice Caire (1900-1979)

Eunice was born September 1, 1900 in Edgard, Louisiana. Eunice Caire was the only child of Gustavie Thomas  and Louis "Man" Caire. Eunice was born September 1, 1900 in Edgard, Louisiana.  Her father went on to New Orleans to work as a firefighter on a shipyard. Her mother died during childbirth in 1906. She was raised by her aunts. 

Eunice was a Creole-speaking, devout Catholic. She held weekly family dinners in her home for her children and grandchildren. Her home was in Lucy, St. John Parish, Louisiana. 

Her Decedents: 
Eunice Caire and Sylvio Boudoin married on May 3, 1918 at St. John the Baptiste Church in Edgard, Louisiana. Together they raised several children: Albert, Francis, Gerald, Geraldine, Gustavia, Jesse Mae, Louis, Louise, and Margaret Mae.

Eunice passed away in September 1979 in Vacherie, Louisiana of a broken heart after her beloved Sylvio passed away of throat cancer. 

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