Friday, October 25, 2013

Jules “Pop Jules” Keller

Jules “Pop Jules” Keller

The patriarch of the Keller Klan is “Pop Jules” Keller born around 1858. According to family legend, he was of Oglala descent. During this time, The Great Sioux War drove many Oglala from the North part of the territory down into the southern regions of Louisiana. The identities of his parents are unknown.

He was known for his non-conformism to American ideas. He wore a long, black braid down his back, traditional Native American clothing and chose a bicycle as his primary form of transportation. He also loved to smoke his pipe.

Jules married Pauline Pryor or Prayer on February 11, 1882 in St. John the Baptist Church. Pauline was the daughter of Sam Pryor and Pauline Tony, both of Louisiana.

Together Pauline and Jules produced the first generation of the Keller Klan which included Noel, Bartholomaus, Noelie, Pierre, Julien, Juliene aka Julia, Marie, Noemie and Morris Sr.

Jules lived a long, full life. He passed away due to pneumonia on February 2, 1952. He is buried in Our Lady of Peace Cemetery with his beloved wife.

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