Friday, October 25, 2013

Sylvio Boudoin

Sylvio Boudoin

Sylvio Boudoin was born on December 18, 1894 in Edgard, St. John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana to Joseph Albert Boudoin and Olympia Borne. He is one of four known children. Sylvio grew up with two brothers: Louis and Chester and a sister named Noelie. His native tongue was French and grew-up working on a plantation with his father in Lucy, Louisiana.

Sylvio obtained a first grade education, according to the 1940 US Census record. It is known that Adelard Weber was one of his employers when he was twenty-one years old. He worked as a farm laborer for most of his adult life. To make extra money, he also worked as a chauffeur.

The highlight of his life was his family. He married a local girl, Eunice Caire. Together they raised their clan of children happily.  They loved entertaining their grandchildren and just being together.

He passed away in September 1978 after a full life and sixty years of marriage. He is remembered for being a quiet and kind man. 

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