Friday, January 30, 2015

Curtis Joseph Dumas, Sr. (1908-1983)

This is my 5th week entry for Amy Crow’s 52 Ancestor Challenge 2015. 
This week's theme is Plowing Through
Since this is an agricultural term, I selected my grandfather Curtis Dumas.
I have written about my grandfather in a previous post.


Curtis is the final agricultural worker in a long line of sugar farm laborers. My paternal grandfather is a fifth generation laborer at The Whitney Plantation. I am sure there were more people, but I am unable to identify them by name due to lack of records on enslaved persons. 

In true Biblical fashion: here is my grandfather's line... 
Curtis Dumas, son of 
Leopold (Leo Paul), son of
Pierre, son of 

Curtis Dumas & his wife Julia Jones

Curtis Joseph Dumas, Sr. was born 17 November 1908. He was the eldest child of Leopold (Leo Paul) Dumas and Laurence Morris. There were three Dumas brothers, who are shown in the picture below. 
Curtis is the tall, handsome gentlemen to the right.

Dumas Brothers: Ernest, Cornelius and Curtis (L-R)

The Dumas brothers had three full sisters: Louise, Laurence and Theresa. Their half-sister (from their father's second marriage) is still living. 

As was the local custom, my grandfather had a nickname, which was Wallie. I am unsure how he received his nickname or what it means. So, if anyone knows, feel free to share!

Pop Curtis lived in Wallace, Saint John the Baptist Parish, Louisiana. This area is known as the German Coast and is known for its sugar plantations. Two of the most popular are the neighboring Whitney Plantation, where my family originates and the Evergreen Plantation, which is often used in antebellum movies like the recent Django film.
I do have a blood connection to the original owners of both plantations through my mother's line. (More on that story later.)

Curtis married the love of his life, Julia Jones, in 1923. Together, they raised a large, loving family and modeled a loving relationship to their family and community. Curtis was a protestant Christian and worshipped at Morning Baptist Church in Wallace. 

He passed on 14 May 1983 of a broken heart, 8 months after his beloved wife suffered a heart attack. He is buried in Willow Grove Cemetery with his family. Pop Curtis is remembered for his kind heart and quiet disposition. He enjoyed quiet evenings on his porch and spending time with his wife and children.

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  1. I enjoyed this one, especially since it was about someone so close to you in your tree! Perhaps "Wallie" is somehow related to him living in Wallace?