Friday, March 20, 2015

Honoring the Sunset of Clarence John Dumas, Sr. (1956-1997)

Clarence John Dumas, Sr.

This post was first published on my personal Facebook page.

Today is not only my sunrise. It is also my father's sunset.
So, I cannot let the day pass without taking a moment to honor my father.
18 years ago today,
my beloved Dad transitioned from his role as my earthly father
to claiming his eternal post as my guardian angel.

I am reminded of you constantly
I see you in my brother's face
I hear you in my son's laughter
I recognize you in my nephew's mischievous grin.
You are a constant presence in spirit.
Perhaps that's the benefit of losing your body- the ability to escape the limits of time and space.

I think about the conversations we had about life, love and family.
I remember the fun we had running around '90s New Orleans.
You always made a point to support us individually and challenge us continually.
I hope we are all that you dreamed we should be.
I pray we make you proud, Dad.

Keep Destiny company.
See you next lifetime.

Yo chiren

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